Surrealism is a modern movement in art and literature, in which an attempt is made to portray or interpret the workings of the unconscious mind as manifested in dreams: it is characterized by an irrational, fantastic arrangement of material.


This item is printed as a collage of multiple 1930's-1940's Iron-on sheets.
Collage is one of the techniques used by Surrealists, and this sweatshirts  itself is a collage piece that mixes Surrealism, vintage, art and fashion.


Please hand wash and separate with other whitw clothing.

(still bleeding the original red color)



34" Chest

19" Length

19.5" Shoulder to Hem

18.5" Shoulder to Shoulder

17" Sleeve


100% Cotton


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10% of Sales will be donated Joshua Tree National Park.


Surrealism Collage Sweatshirts "Screw Heads"